Wide-Angle Macro: The Essential Guide, Now Available.

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There has been more than a hint that we, Clay Bolt and Paul Harcourt Davies, have been cooking up something for a while: in biological terms, you could say it has had a prolonged gestation period.

So here, without further ado, is our first joint eBook venture Wide Angle Macro | The Essential Guide, now available for your perusal and enjoyment at a price of $4.99 merely by clicking on the shopping cart link.  Add to Cart

For this modest sum you get some 93 pages with a wealth of illustrations and just about everything we know concerning a subject near and dear to our hearts. There is no skimping on detail and no patronising the reader. One of us (PHD) has written numerous books on this and other areas of photography where the realities of  ‘hard copy’ publishing have meant compromise on what was included. In Wide Angle Macro | The Essential Guide … that is certainly not the case.


This book is divided into two main sections:

Part 1: The stage is set with an detailed, but highly accessible text ranging from the purely technical side of the hardware (e.g. how various lenses  such as fixed focal length zooms perform) through the tricks and trials of lighting to general approaches for different classes of potential subject. We’ve also included an appendix with tech charts for those with a fondness for numbers and calculations.

Part 2 includes several detailed accounts of some of the author’s favorite wide-angle macro portraits, behind-the-scenes info and a gallery of similar or related images.

Part 2: Something different with a series of personal accounts about specific images with subjects such as plants, insects, spiders, reptiles and amphibians. We discuss how and why they were conceived and then achieved with an encouragement for readers to go out and create their own. We are outdoor photographers after all, and that is where we feel people should be!

Each ‘personal account’ is written in essay form and goes beyond just technical details. The authors take you into the field and share ‘why’ they made the photos in addition to ‘how’.

We are convinced that the ‘close and wide’ approach not only generates images with impact but can convey maximum information about a subject and its habitat. This makes it an excellent way of imparting information, especially when it comes to conservation and education.  When used in conjunction with other ‘macro’ approaches it becomes an essential part of the bag of varied tricks that creative photographers can have at their disposal.

Ideas have been thrown back and forth between us for more than the  past year in the determination to produce something that is the best we can manage. So, we sincerely hope that others will find it useful, stimulating and fun. We are united in a passion for nature and a love of photography but each of us has brought complementary skills and knowledge to the table in creating what is very much a joint effort. CB just happens to be a professional designer (which shows!) and PHD has written reams on ‘macro’ and its techniques and has a very strong technical (even ‘geeky’) background when it comes to lenses and building bits and pieces of kit. Clay, with Niall  Benvie founded the Meet Your Neighbours (MYN) project … and PHD is involved too!

One of our main objectives was to stress ways in which wide-angle macro photography lends itself to conservation, education and the well-being and preservation of the subjects that we hold dear.

When it comes to nature, well, we are both card-carrying members of the ‘close to home’ fraternity both wandering around our respective ‘gardens’ but occasionally venturing forth as a treat –Clay in the woods and wetlands of South Carolina and the Southeastern U.S. and Paul tramping the hills and meadows of central Italy and elsewhere in the Mediterranean region.

So, yes, we are very excited about this project, especially since it is the beginning and other titles are in the pot and cooking nicely. But, we are full of trepidation, too, having lived very closely to the text and images for ages. If our model works, then we hope to involve other photographers, conservationists all, in future photographic eBooks, with instructional videos …even workshops and courses. We sincerely hope that you like it and spread the word!

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We are offering a 20% commission to anyone who sells the book on their own websites. Click here, and scroll to the bottom of the page to download the affiliate code for your own website!

PS. Any errors or omissions are ours and we take that responsibility. When you write and produce your own eBook there is no-one else to blame.


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