Online Macro Course with Photographer Clay Bolt


If you thought you had to travel to exotic locales to photograph captivating subjects, think again. Award-winning nature and conversation photographer Clay Bolt shows you how to find, approach and photograph fascinating insects in your own backyard with spectacular results in this new online course from Craftsy. Learn to work with available light and shallow depth of field to create crystal-clear images. Explore a variety of off-camera flash setups to enhance color and texture, increase sharpness and freeze motion. Use wide-angle macro lenses to create surreal images that showcase your subject and its habitat, and get Clay’s expert tips for successfully photographing insects in flight. Finally, learn to adjust images in the digital darkroom to illuminate the beauty of translucent wings and emphasize eye-catching textures. Along the way, Clay will be available to answer your questions through the Craftsy platform.

Click here to sign up for the course. Currently, the class is being offered for $49.99 (a $10.00 discount from its regular price of $59.00)

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