Lenses for Macro

Posted by Paul Harcourt Davies

This heralds a series of Pages detailing the diverse lenses that can be used for close-up work of all kinds. It will begin with Choosing a Macro Lens for, sooner or later, anyone keen on this area of photography will consider the purchase of a dedicated macro lens.


The green hairstreak (Callophrys rubi) – I first found one of these flitting around gorse bushes on the west Wales coast when I was 11 years old…and then 30 years later in the same spot found them with my son Rhodri. Now you see them and then when they settle you don’t…

Over the past four years I wrote a great deal of material for the ill-fated Pixiq blog and also for the now sadly ‘retired’ (sic) Images from the Edge blog. I managed to rescure the material before the demise of either since a great deal of time and effort had been spent on preparing entries with the aim of creating an on-line resource.

This is precisely  what Clay and I are determinedly doing as part of our LearnMacro blog. I don’t just want to throw archive material out there but will review all I have written and revamp and update extensively where needed. Enough time has elapsed so I that can view it with a dispassionate and critical eye and unsentimentally throw things away. It will be a work in progress and we hope various eBooks will arise out of this and other material suitably enhanced with numerous images and the magic touch of Clay’s remarkable design skills. He’s pretty good that man!


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